Big Couch

Last Halloween I spent the morning with workers in my new house laying carpet.

This Halloween I spent the afternoon putting a sofa together. Whee!

Next Halloween I just want to do the Halloween thing with no other house stuff.

On the up side, WE HAVE A SOFA!!

*throws confetti and blows a noisemaker*


3 Days of Inspiration, Information, and Beauty

At the end of January I anxiously attended Altitude Design Summit (Alt Summit or just Alt for short). For those not familiar with it, Alt is a blog conference held in Salt Lake City. It’s geared toward bloggers with a niche in design, fashion, lifestyle, and/or all things pretty and crafty. Speakers are drawn from […]


For the last few years I’ve been reading about some of my favorite bloggers going to Altitude Summit every year. I’ve wanted to go but, as a resident’s wife with the income to match, it was cost and time prohibitive. Now that ODD has a stable job and is in charge of his own schedule […]

Ten Years

Just before Christmas ODD and I celebrated our tenth anniversary.

For fun, I pulled out my wedding dress while I was at my parents’ house recently. Three babies later my ribs and chest are not the same size or shape they used to be. The bodice was fitted to my pre-nursing body. It still zips […]

Teeny’s Endowment

Teeny went to the temple for the first time yesterday. She is going on a mission soon and has been excited to go but we had to find a day when all of us could be there and when my mom was near the end of her most recent chemo cycle. She wanted to do […]