Adventures in Sofas and Sewing

We bought our couch 7.5 years ago from some friends. They were moving out of state and we were taking over their apartment managing job. They had two large couches and only wanted to take one in the move so this one was up for grabs. I can’t remember if they’d bought it used or […]

A Jolly Holiday

After years of wanting to be a princess or butterfly or fairy or some combination of the three I was happy this year when Peanut was coming up with a few other ideas. For a while she wanted to be a witch but would occasionally throw out other ideas I can’t recall right now. We […]

A Phone, A Case, and Some Apps

Right after Christmas ODD finally traded in his almost-five-year-old Blackberry and got a new phone. He chose a Samsung Captivate Glide because he likes having a real keyboard. I was also due for an upgrade but hadn’t decided what I wanted yet so I’ve been thinking about it for the last month or so, trying […]

Kindle Love

I’ve lightly considered getting a Kindle for a few years but didn’t know much about them so never really gave it serious thought. I thought it might be like reading a computer screen and they were probably really expensive. Besides, I like real books; the smell, the weight, the feel of the pages. Then last […]

Fall Jackets

These jackets have been a long time coming. As in I made the kids some fall jackets last year and wanted to make some heavier ones but never got around to it. It ended up being a good thing because when I pulled out Wingnut’s jacket this spring after all the snow had melted it […]