Feeling Crappy But With Happy Baby News

In addition to my eye infection which, despite my best efforts and constant hand washing, has spread to both eyes I have also somehow acquired some kind of lovely illness to accompany it. No fever, thank goodness, but plenty of achiness and painful swallowing. Big, stinking piles of fun around here.

I woke up feeling [...]

8 weeks

I haven’t been posting lately because everything I’ve had to say revolves around “I feel like crap,” or “I’m feeling relatively human” because I’m expecting a baby. Yay! And Ick.

It’s a good thing. It’s taken me a while to be ready to have another baby because I really, really don’t enjoy being pregnant, to [...]

Wingnut’s Story

Seeing as how it’s been over a week since Wingnut arrived I thought I should probably get his story written down. I’d also like to post a little “I love you” to NYDD. Especially for that little piece you wrote while I was zonked out in the hospital. It was a sweet surprise and made [...]

Happy Surprise

May I introduce. . .

Baby Wingnut!

Born April 17, 2009

More details and photos to come. . .


38 Weeks

Here’s this weeks photo. It was taken Saturday morning as we were running out the door to visit our families for Easter weekend.

Yep, I’m still pregnant. I’m scheduled for my c-section next week and am happy to be almost done. I like having a pregnant belly and I love feeling the baby move [...]