A Home Of Our Own (AHOOO) – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I began writing this last Sunday but stepped away because it was becoming a whiny cry-fest. Wo is me! So I revamped it a bit before publishing. It’s still whiny because, well, moving and renovating is hard, especially with littles who depend on my for everything. Plus, I think it’s important to keep it real [...]

The Evolution of a Home – Part 3

Home #6 – Basement apartment in Salt Lake City, UT – 2 bed/1 bath – 1100 Sq Ft. – $740/month – we found a screaming deal

I happened upon this place about a month before we were ready to move from California. It was huge compared to apartments we’d had before and was cheap. It [...]

The Evolution of a Home – Part 2

Home #4 – Our first apartment in Oakland, CA – 2 bed/1 bath – I don’t recall the Sq. Ft. – $1000/month (we got a good deal) + $60 for one parking space under building.

Our first apartment in Oakland had a 60′s vibe. There was mod open shelving in the kitchen and the oven [...]

The Evolution of a Home – Part 1

The other day I went by my BIL’s apartment. He and his family are getting ready to move to a new place so he can start residency. We chatted for a little about moving onward and upward. They are moving from cinder block University housing to a real house with a fenced yard. It got [...]