On Being Social

I used to think I was a social person.

I’ve since realized this isn’t actually true.

Sure, I can communicate well with others. I make friends easily. I’m not too horribly awkward in public situations and don’t even stick my foot in my mouth all that often. I read people’s body language and vocal inflection [...]

Happy New Year

Last year we went to my parents house for New Year’s Eve. My dad had only been home from the hospital a couple of weeks and we were still doing the mask and gloves thing. He was on oxygen all the time and couldn’t be out very long to visit and play because his O2 [...]

One Year Ago

One year ago I almost lost my dad.

One year ago he was life flighted to a hospital in Salt Lake City and admitted ti the ICU with H1N1, pneumonia, and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

One year ago, the day before Thanksgiving, the doctor pulled my dad’s intubation tube out before he could breath on [...]

Family Photos Through the Ages

We had family photos taken earlier this month and I’m so excited about them. For the first time ever I gave more than 10 minutes of thought to what we would wear for them. I gathered everything together, made a list of a few things I wanted to add, and actually coordinated us. I don’t [...]

Summer Storms

This morning the sky remained dark with clouds. The rain pattered down here and there as we did our morning routine and after putting Wingnut down for a late morning nap I got to really enjoy it.

I gathered up a blanket and took Peanut outside to our back deck. The eave is far [...]