Embracing the Brace

When I was pregnant with Wingnut I started having some tingling and numbness in my fingers. It happened mostly when I slept, drove for a long time, or talked on the phone. I suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and talked to my mom about it. She had CTS for years before having surgery to correct it […]

Adventures in Sofas and Sewing

We bought our couch 7.5 years ago from some friends. They were moving out of state and we were taking over their apartment managing job. They had two large couches and only wanted to take one in the move so this one was up for grabs. I can’t remember if they’d bought it used or […]

Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year is a title I earn fairly regularly. Usually it’s just an incident here and there but occasionally I have a full day that just takes the cake. Yesterday was one of those days.

We slept in a little because Wingnut didn’t have preschool. I gave Baby Cashew a bath and started […]

A Home Of Our Own (AHOOO) – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I began writing this last Sunday but stepped away because it was becoming a whiny cry-fest. Wo is me! So I revamped it a bit before publishing. It’s still whiny because, well, moving and renovating is hard, especially with littles who depend on my for everything. Plus, I think it’s important to keep it real […]

That Mom

I was that mom today.

The one who forgets to pick up her kid from school.

In my defense, back in the day elementary schools didn’t have short days every Friday so it never crossed my mind Peanut would.

Since starting school we’ve talked about where she goes, how we do drop-off and pick-up, and […]