Adventures in Sofas and Sewing

We bought our couch 7.5 years ago from some friends. They were moving out of state and we were taking over their apartment managing job. They had two large couches and only wanted to take one in the move so this one was up for grabs. I can’t remember if they’d bought it used or […]

A Bit of Spring/Summer Catch Up

Apparently, now that I have children in school, I am back to having spring fever. From early April through to the end of school it’s all I can do to just make it through and keep it together. I read Jen Hatmaker’s post about being the worst end-of-school-year mom ever at the beginning of Peanut’s […]

Origami Candy Hearts

Airheads is holding a contest for bloggers with some great prizes. The details can be found on their facebook page. This is my Valentine’s Day craft entry.

When I eat Airheads I like to pull them thin like paper before eating, so when thinking of a craft I could do with them I […]

A Jolly Holiday

After years of wanting to be a princess or butterfly or fairy or some combination of the three I was happy this year when Peanut was coming up with a few other ideas. For a while she wanted to be a witch but would occasionally throw out other ideas I can’t recall right now. We […]

Mess Free – Sort Of

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. While I like Valentine’s Day it’s never been an especially big thing for me. As a kid my mom always made my brothers and sister and I a big heart shaped sugar cookie. She took some cake decorating classes in her 20s and would decorate them beautifully with flowers and our […]