Big Couch

Last Halloween I spent the morning with workers in my new house laying carpet.

This Halloween I spent the afternoon putting a sofa together. Whee!

Next Halloween I just want to do the Halloween thing with no other house stuff.

On the up side, WE HAVE A SOFA!!

*throws confetti and blows a noisemaker*


A Bit of Spring/Summer Catch Up

Apparently, now that I have children in school, I am back to having spring fever. From early April through to the end of school it’s all I can do to just make it through and keep it together. I read Jen Hatmaker’s post about being the worst end-of-school-year mom ever at the beginning of Peanut’s […]

What I Wore to Alt

Since Alt Summit is generally geared toward bloggers who like pretty things, fashion is kind of a big deal. Daytime is business casual so I wore what I normally like to wear; skirts, tights, and cardigans. The evening is more dressy, though, and no sequins or glitter are spared. Since I wore my normal clothes […]

3 Days of Inspiration, Information, and Beauty

At the end of January I anxiously attended Altitude Design Summit (Alt Summit or just Alt for short). For those not familiar with it, Alt is a blog conference held in Salt Lake City. It’s geared toward bloggers with a niche in design, fashion, lifestyle, and/or all things pretty and crafty. Speakers are drawn from […]

Lincoln Logs

In the summer when we were at the cabin and the kids played with Lincoln Logs I made a mental note to get them a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas. I looked around and found what I thought was a good deal on a good set on Amazon. I think they were actually the […]