What I Wore to Alt

Since Alt Summit is generally geared toward bloggers who like pretty things, fashion is kind of a big deal. Daytime is business casual so I wore what I normally like to wear; skirts, tights, and cardigans. The evening is more dressy, though, and no sequins or glitter are spared. Since I wore my normal clothes [...]

Temple Dresses

A bit over ten years ago I went to the temple for the first time. I was getting married in the temple in December and the bishop of my ward knew I was ready to go. He wanted ODD and me to be able to go together on dates (as well as for me to [...]

A Jolly Holiday

After years of wanting to be a princess or butterfly or fairy or some combination of the three I was happy this year when Peanut was coming up with a few other ideas. For a while she wanted to be a witch but would occasionally throw out other ideas I can’t recall right now. We [...]

Happy Feet

Spring is here! While doing some Easter shopping I thought the weather was so nice it was time to buy some flip flops. After picking Peanut up from preschool we stopped by Old Navy – my go-to for cute but inexpensive flip flops. Peanut and Wingnut each picked out their own. Peanut chose yellow with [...]

Memory Lane – Clothes Edition

ODD and I have been fighting some miserable bug for the last week and have been mostly out of commission because of it so I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m finally able to be upright for an extended period of time, though, so I’m happy to be back posting again even if my brain isn’t [...]