Moving On

Over the last year I’ve been working on getting an online shop up and running. It’s been live since the early fall but I also wanted a new site to go with it. That has taken considerably more time and work and has been a long time coming (I bought the domain and hosting nearly […]

Big Couch

Last Halloween I spent the morning with workers in my new house laying carpet.

This Halloween I spent the afternoon putting a sofa together. Whee!

Next Halloween I just want to do the Halloween thing with no other house stuff.

On the up side, WE HAVE A SOFA!!

*throws confetti and blows a noisemaker*



I thought I’d keep my hair long for a few more years before going really short. I thought maybe I’d wait until my little sister got married so I could have a pretty updo at her wedding or something.

Then this fall and winter did me in. My hair always gets crazy static when the […]

A Home of Our Own – Checking In with a Sneaky Peek

We’ve spent this last week getting things moving for the new house.

I spent most of my days either on the phone getting accounts and utilities transferred, ordering things online, or driving around taking the kids to and from school, shopping for things we need at the house, and meeting people for appointments.

Teeny […]

A Home of Our Own

Over the years we’re attempted, at various levels, buying a house. For one reason or another it hasn’t ever worked out and in retrospect that has always been for the best. We didn’t know where ODD would be working and knew we’d likely need to re-sell the house after only a couple of years. So […]