Embracing the Brace

When I was pregnant with Wingnut I started having some tingling and numbness in my fingers. It happened mostly when I slept, drove for a long time, or talked on the phone. I suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and talked to my mom about it. She had CTS for years before having surgery to correct it […]

A Bit of Spring/Summer Catch Up

Apparently, now that I have children in school, I am back to having spring fever. From early April through to the end of school it’s all I can do to just make it through and keep it together. I read Jen Hatmaker’s post about being the worst end-of-school-year mom ever at the beginning of Peanut’s […]

A New Year With Lots of Catching Up

Oh, hi there!

It’s been a while. A long while, in fact. I’m sorry about that.

And now I’m going to do something I hate. Between buying the house and all the absolute chaos that accompanied it and the holiday season that followed, there has been a lot of stuff that didn’t get documented. I […]

Meandering Narcissistic Thoughts on Passion

Am I a passionate person?

It’s something that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve considered it many times over the years whenever I hear or read things about “finding your niche” in blogging. You’re always told to find what you’re passionate about and run with it. There are so many women with successful blogs who […]

Mess Free – Sort Of

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. While I like Valentine’s Day it’s never been an especially big thing for me. As a kid my mom always made my brothers and sister and I a big heart shaped sugar cookie. She took some cake decorating classes in her 20s and would decorate them beautifully with flowers and our […]