One Year

One year ago today, we were at Disneyland, walking miles and miles, dragging our children from one fun ride to another, and slowly killing ourselves.

One year ago today we closed on our house in Utah. Yes, while on vacation in another state. I didn’t know if our money wire would make it there by […]

AHOOO – Spring

When we first saw the Mini Dew Ranch last fall the outdoors were still hanging onto some green from the summer. The trees still had a lot of leaves and they were still mostly green but as it was the end of the season there was not a bloom anywhere on the property. Not long […]

AHOO – The Boys’ Room

Even though this isn’t the rest of the house, this will be my last house post. The only other spaces are the bathroom which was fine and the only thing we did was hang a big cabinet over the toilet for more storage, the laundry/storage/dumping ground room which is too scary for public consumption, and […]

AHOOO – Peanut’s Bedroom

Peanut has her own room again. She was excited, then unsure about it, and then excited about it again. Her room is tiny and is probably considered more of a closet than a bedroom but it’s just her and her stuff so it’s all good.


It had this terrible wallpaper boarder and was just […]

AHOO – ODD’s and My Bedroom

Upstairs we have our bedrooms. They all needed a lot of work. The floors were fir and needed carpet badly as they were in no condition to be refinished. It was only about 600 square feet so we just did it. Carpet and paint really made all the difference.


The walls needed some patching, […]