Moving On

Over the last year I’ve been working on getting an online shop up and running. It’s been live since the  early fall but I also wanted a new site to go with it. That has taken considerably more time and work and has been a long time coming (I bought the domain and hosting nearly a year ago). After a lot of thought I decided when I opened the new site I would close things up here on HairyShoeFairy. A small part of me is sad to let it go since it’s been my online identity for the last eight years but I’ve also been feeling kind of stagnant with it lately. I’m ready for a change; to move things in a different direction.

HairyShoeFairy, in all it’s forms, has been an invaluable record of my life and the lives of my children. It includes our many moves, including buying our house, NYDD’s adventures in schooling, residency, and establishing his identity as a physician, and in many ways it’s my story of becoming. My kids love looking through the blog books I’ve printed over the years and hearing some of the funny things I’d forgotten. I’m so happy to have had this place and I have no intention of just shutting it down. I know some of you still refer back to some of my past sewing projects and recipes and I don’t want to remove the link for things that have been pinned to pinterest. I plan to keep up hosting so the site will still be live and accessible but I won’t be posting anything new here any longer.

I know many of you lovely readers have been with me for years and years and some have become dear real-life friends as well. If you’re interested, I will be keeping a blog on my new site and I’d love to see you there. Since my kids are getting older and I want to respect their privacy more  it won’t be as kid-centered as this space has been. Rather, it will focus more on things I’m working on as a designer and calligrapher as well as anything new we do with our house (spoiler: sometime in the next couple of years we will be tearing down and building again). There will still be personal stories and insights but it’s less of a mommy/family blog than this place. If you are moving away from blog reading but still want to stay in touch you can always find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I hope to still see you around the internet, my friends.

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