Embracing the Brace

When I was pregnant with Wingnut I started having some tingling and numbness in my fingers. It happened mostly when I slept, drove for a long time, or talked on the phone. I suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and talked to my mom about it. She had CTS for years before having surgery to correct it and when I told her what I was feeling she agreed it was a possibility. Sometime near the end of Wingnut’s pregnancy it went away and I thought maybe it was just something wacky my body was doing  because of the pregnancy. It wasn’t the only weird thing my body did during that pregnancy so it wouldn’t be surprising.

In the years since then the tingling has come and gone sporadically, usually only happening if my arm was above my head while sleeping. Then a few weeks ago it returned with a vengeance.

I would get the tingling and numbness every time I ran the mouse while on the computer, while typing (like right now), working on any calligraphy, talking on the phone, and especially in the morning when waking up. Occasionally the neuropathy is hot and painful, more than just irritating. It’s been bad enough and often enough that I’ve dragged out my wrist braces again and have been wearing them throughout the day and often at night, too. I asked my mom about it again and, especially with the mention of the hot and painful neuropathy, she and ODD both agree it’s very likely CTS.

Truly, I’m not surprised. Considering all the repetitive, fine motor work I do it was bound to happen. Then I realized my mom had her CTS surgery back in the early 90s which puts her right about the same age I am right now. Fortunately, if I decide to have surgery, it will be less invasive and I would have an easier recovery than my mom did over 20 years ago. I’m not sure if/when I’m going to do it so in the mean time I’m embracing my (obnoxious) brace to keep me from losing my mind.


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