Big Couch

Last Halloween I spent the morning with workers in my new house laying carpet.

This Halloween I spent the afternoon putting a sofa together. Whee!


Next Halloween I just want to do the Halloween thing with no other house stuff.

On the up side, WE HAVE A SOFA!!

*throws confetti and blows a noisemaker*

ODD wasn’t home so I was on my own and I had to put Cashew down for a nap and pick up Peanut from the bus stop in the middle of it but it went together easily and only took about 3 hours. I love it!

We broke it in on Saturday night by watching Monsters University as a family. We can all sit on it at the same time! It’s funny how something that lets us spread out and each have our own space can bring us closer together. Sunday afternoon naps are so much happier.

I love having something besides the floor to sit on!

New couch

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