Adventures in Sofas and Sewing

We bought our couch 7.5 years ago from some friends. They were moving out of state and we were taking over their apartment managing job. They had two large couches and only wanted to take one in the move so this one was up for grabs. I can’t remember if they’d bought it used or not but it had been well loved. It was very comfortable and was in better shape than what we previously had so we jumped on it. At the time it was also only just ODD and me so one large sofa was plenty of space.

Over the years it’s seen its share of abuse. We’ve added three children to the mix which only adds to the damage inflicted. It’s been drawn upon with markers, sharpie, pen, pastel, crayon, and paint. It’s been smeared with licorice, fruit leather, and chocolate. When Wingnut was about 18 months old he got his hands on a contraband #10 craft knife and gleefully stabbed holes in one of the cushions. The springs are past their prime so we’ve had folded blankets keeping it somewhat supportive for the last 5 or 6 years. It’s not really our personal style with its overstuffed cushions but it’s been a good couch and it’s really comfy.

Mini Dew living room

Over the last year or two it’s really started to show its wear and hasn’t cleaned up as nicely or easily when things happen. I’ve been eyeing a sofa at IKEA for months and talking about it once in a while with ODD. As a family of 5 our single large sofa is no longer big enough to comfortably hold all of us. Someone always complains about being sat on or not having enough room.

Finally, earlier this week Wingnut drew on the couch (again) and ODD suggested that perhaps it was finally time. I readily agreed and jumped right online to show him the sofa I’d been wanting. He liked the look and we almost threw everyone in the car to run to IKEA to get it. We were already halfway through our bedtime routine, though, so we decided to do it another night.

A couple of nights later ODD was home early enough that we could do it. We tipped the old couch over and ODD started removing the feet while I called IKEA to make sure the one we wanted was in stock. I was assured there was one left in stock but they couldn’t hold it so we threw the couch in the trailer, tossed the kids in the car, and headed out. On the way we dropped the old couch off at the DI.

You see what’s coming, right?

Yeah, we got to IKEA, ODD approved of the couch, and I called a sales associate over to help us. It turns out there was NOT one in stock. In fact, there had not been one in stock for over 3 HOURS! Apparently I had never even gotten through to the actual store; only the call center, and they didn’t have all the information. *grumble, grumble* They couldn’t sell us the floor model and there wasn’t one in the As-Is so because we were given some misinformation they are ordering one and comping delivery to our house so we don’t have to make the trip with our trailer again.

Unfortunately the new couch won’t arrive for 2 weeks. That means that since we already dropped off our old couch at the DI, we are left with only a single wooden glider on which to sit our sorry rear ends until the 30th.


Go ahead and laugh. I totally did. This is so typical of the things that happen to us. Frankly, I’m not at all surprised and since there’s nothing we can do about it now we may as well laugh about it.

As it happens, our new sofa is more structured and while testing it at the store ODD mentioned we’ll need some pillows for it. I’ve loved this fantastic wide green striped fabric from IKEA for years and  have always thought it would be perfect for some huge pillows. Now that we need some I finally have an excuse to buy a couple of yards. I also picked up some black and white fabric to give a little variety but I wanted to keep it to just those few colors.

Since this weekend is UEA I had a whole day without having to pick kids up at odd times and was able to just sew this afternoon. I chose to make them as covers for ready-made pillow forms with an invisible zipper opening so I can take them off and wash them as needed. Two of the pillows are 26 inches square and the other three are 20 inches square. They’re nice and squashy so at least while we wait for the new couch we’ll have something to pad our bottoms when we sit on the floor. Yes, that’s my baby drinking the dregs of some old soda. This is the way we roll when I sew.

After my girl finished her sewing I started mine. New pillows for our still-to-come new couch (more on that later). I love seeing stripes that are lined up just right at the seams. #stripes #sewing

I also took some time this morning to teach Peanut how to sew. She learned how to work the sewing machine a month or so ago when I last had it out but I didn’t teach her anything else, I just let her play. She’s been talking about making a skirt since then so today I pulled out some fabric I’d stuffed away a year or two ago and we made a skirt together. Peanut told me how long she wanted it to be and I cut out all the pieces. It’s a very simple first project, a lined skirt with a gathered elastic waistband. I showed Peanut what to do and she sewed almost all of it and pressed most of it. I think the length is perfect for fall, especially when she wears her boots with it. I’m so proud of her for working on it. She started to get bogged down in on the hemming and all the pressing but I did my best to teach her good techniques and I think all in all she had a fun time making it. She’s quite proud of it and is excited to wear it to school next week and tell everyone she made it herself.

The finished skirt. I bought this fabric a year or two ago, when chevron was really big, intending to make her a skirt but it got shoved in a box and forgotten. She's been begging me to let her sew something lately so today I pulled it out and we made her

3 comments to Adventures in Sofas and Sewing

  • mom

    I can’t wait to see your new couch with the pretty pillows on it! Yea! And I can’t wait to see Autumn in her darling new skirt! Clever little gal!

  • Em

    This is just irony to prove you live in the real world. Still sorry about it though. And you can tell Autumn that Sir O is thoroughly impressed. I wish I had time to teach him something cool right now.

  • I love Peanut’s skirt- and I love that you walked her through how to do it at this age. Maybe it’s time to teach Abby…she just hasn’t shown much interests yet. Jeff is way more interested in sewing.

    I can’t wait to see the couch when you get it! You have to do a follow-up post. WIN on getting the comped delivery though!