One Year

One year ago today, we were at Disneyland, walking miles and miles, dragging our children from one fun ride to another, and slowly killing ourselves.

One year ago today we closed on our house in Utah. Yes, while on vacation in another state.  I didn’t know if our money wire would make it there by that day because the bank made me second guess myself on everything when filling our my forms. It was a highly stressful few days (or months, if we’re being honest).

One year ago today we became the proud owners of the Mini Dew Ranch.

I couldn’t be happier with where we live. Truly, I believe we were led to this house at this time. It took some hard work to get it into livable shape but we’ve really enjoyed living here. Our neighbors are wonderful, my kids’ schools are fantastic, ODD has a decent commute to work, and it’s like we’re living in our own little world in the middle of a city. Everyone who comes to our house says how surprised they are that a place like ours still exists in the city. It’s true. It’s the perfect place for our family.

10/11/12 (isn’t that a convenient way to remember?)

New House!

10/11/13 – one year later

Mini Dew one year later


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  • mom

    A year already! I can hardly believe, but it also seems like you’ve been there forever! Hooray for you guys!