Random Crap

Cashew began crawling last week. I find it rather hilarious that my children cannot seem to figure out crawling right off the bat. They always come up with some freaky variation first (though Peanut continued her odd half-Mowglie crawl until she walked). Cashew’s variation involved his arms in army crawl position, then he’d plant his right toes and heave himself forward. It wasn’t terribly efficient but it did get him where he wanted to go for a while. He finally figured out the real deal on Friday and has been zooming all around the house ever since. Last night ODD installed the ugly baby gate for the stairs. Now I get to count the days until it comes down. In the mean time the bigger kids think it’s endless fun to act like they’re in jail.

Now that Cashew can crawl he thinks he’s also big enough to stand up and is constantly trying to pull himself up on things. While I’m in the bathroom getting ready for the day I put him in the tub so he doesn’t unload every drawer in the place. He even pulls himself to standing there. Doesn’t he look proud of himself?

Lately he has been pulling himself to his knees with the help of the coffee table and contemplating what standing might be like. #mybabyistoolittletodothis #heissoproudofhimself

standing in the tub

The other night, while brushing Peanut’s teeth I noticed she had something funny going on. Upon closer inspection I found she had a grown-up tooth coming in behind her baby tooth. I had a similar thing going on when I was a kid so I didn’t find it that strange. They’re like shark teeth. At least Peanut’s baby tooth in front was already loose and didn’t need to be pulled like mine were. After a couple of days it came out and she couldn’t have been more excited to lose her first tooth. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking her to leave the tooth so she could take it to school the next day to show her class. The tooth fairy kindly obliged.


Something possessed me to make sugar cookies the other day. I hate sugar cookies. I saw a new cookie recipe, though, and for some reason thought maybe I’d like them this time. Nope. I still didn’t. I did finally pick up those cute woodland creature cookie cutters from IKEA, though, so even though I hated eating them they did look really cute.

I registered Wingnut for 4 day preschool next year. I think I’m as excited (if not more) about it as he is. And he’s really excited.

It snowed again this weekend. Let’s not talk about it.


I’m slowly but surely getting back in the swing of making dinner somewhat regularly. I got in a terribly non-cooking funk though the move last fall and am only just coming out of it. I’ve missed good, whole food.

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  • mom

    So many fun stories in one post! And pictures too! Love it! I can’t wait to see your new cookie cutters…they sound cute. Love those cute babies of yours!