Cutting Hair – Part 2

When visiting my parents, Peanut and Wingnut usually hang out in my brother’s room as he plays movies they love on endless cycles and doles out candy like Willy Wonka. For Christmas he added a short table to his furniture collection so my kids can sit in their little chairs and color or eat more easily. I also think he likes that it’s kind of a barrier between them and his stuff but he will neither confirm nor deny this accusation.

A couple of weeks ago we were there to hear my family speak in church and spent the rest of the day visiting. Sometime that evening Peanut came out of Jazz’s room to get a drink or something and I noticed something funny going on with her hair. It’s been in need of a haircut recently so it isn’t uncommon to find crazy things going on with it but this was just off. I pulled her over to me to get a better look.


Yeah. That is cut hair.


Of course when I asked what had happened to her hair she stonewalled me. So I asked Jazz. He said he didn’t know but had seen Wingnut with the scissors earlier. Peanut has cut her hair before and, personality-wise, is more likely to cut than Wingnut so I wasn’t so sure. So I called a third witness. Wingnut very matter-of-factly informed me that Peanut, indeed, cut her own hair. I suspected as much because I couldn’t find any chunks of it anywhere and Peanut is old enough to know she would get in trouble and want to hide it someplace whereas Wingnut would probably end up parading it around.

Wingnut’s account was further confirmed by my sister. My kids were snuggling with her and Peanut, apparently feeling a bit of guilt, confessed the whole thing. She told Teeny she was coloring and the hair just kept getting in the way so she cut it off.

Really? You couldn’t have asked for a hair clip or a headband or something?


As part of the consequence I didn’t cut her hair for several days so she had to go to school with it. Her teacher asked me about it the second day when I picked her up. She hadn’t noticed it until the end of the day and asked Peanut about it. Peanut had told her I did it! Say, what!? Of course, her teacher knew better and gently teased her a little about it.

Funnily, Peanut doesn’t really care. She told me she likes the way it looks.

Ah, well, it was time for a haircut anyway. It’s much more layered and I still didn’t get it all blended because some of it’s just so short, but at least it will catch up more quickly with the rest. I don’t love it but it will do until it grows long enough for her pretty a-line again.



My mom claims I once cut my bangs off at the scalp when I was maybe 12 or 13. I can’t say I recall that. I remember giving it some consideration and asking her about it but I don’t remember actually going through with it. When I was maybe 3 or 4 I did cut an extension of bangs once so they went around to my ear rather than stopping at my temple. I’m sure my mom was thrilled about that one.

Did you ever cut your hair as a kid? What about your own kids? Please tell me I’m not the only one with a bigger kid still cutting her hair.

6 comments to Cutting Hair – Part 2

  • Melissa S.

    OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!! I’ve got a 3 “hair cutters” in my house. I HATE it when it’s on my girls though!!!!! But you totally hid it well. Good job

  • Wildbound

    I remember hiding behind a chair, pulling out the scissors…and cutting off my eyelashes. Yep. I’m amazed I didn’t mangle my eye LIDS…I don’t even remember WHY i did it…but I do remember needing to hide it…weird, huh.

  • Who knows now?

    I cut my hair off in first grade, age six, and ended up with my first ever pixie cut. So yeah, it happens.

  • Darcy

    My daughter cut hers twice too. The second time was in first grade, at school. She also said it was getting in her way. She is still so embarrassed about it that I feel fairly confidant that she won’t do it again! (She is now 10.) The first time she cut her hair was right in the middle of a huge extended family fight!
    Gotta love it!

  • Ha! I totally cut my own hair, but not to the extent that it was truly bad. I also remember I was babysitting the younger sibs one day and Natalie cut her hair. SHORT. She was probably two years old. I decided I didn’t want her to get in trouble or have my mom freak, so…I cut it into a lovely A-line/bob style. It actually turned out super cute, but my mom was pretty shocked when she came home!

  • Lisa

    I never had the issue with cutting my own hair, but I was quite the barber on my younger brother. And it continued until I was nearly 7 and old enough to know better! So yeah, I think it’s normal for kids to experiment.

    On the positive side, Peanut’s new haircut is completely adorable, you hid the damage really well!