Artistic Endeavors

First grade was the first time I ever used oil pastels. I thought they were amazing. Our class used them to make the Aurora or a sunset or something. I remember being amazed at how they blended, how strong the color was, and wondering where I could get some of my own. I, of course, didn’t really know what they were. They looked like chalk to my 6 year old eyes and it wasn’t until later elementary school that I found out what they were and became the proud owner of my own set. I kept them in a small box that was once a sewing kit and used them for several years for various projects until I lost them all or used them all up.

It’s probably been over 15 years since I last used pastels but I came across a set on clearance a while ago and thought I’d pick them up. Finally, the other day, I pulled them out and gave them a try again. I’m a bit rusty but it felt so good to be working with them again. As part of my effort to regain my identity as an artist I’m going to occasionally be posting pieces I’ve done and thought this would be a good first piece.


While I’m writing about art and my quest to really own my capabilities, I also wanted to share a great post written by Melanie Burk on Nicole’s Classes today about valuing yourself as an artist. It’s worth a read if you’re struggling like I am with taking what you do seriously.

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