3 Days of Inspiration, Information, and Beauty

At the end of January I anxiously attended Altitude Design Summit (Alt Summit or just Alt for short). For those not familiar with it, Alt is a blog conference held in Salt Lake City. It’s geared toward bloggers with a niche in design, fashion, lifestyle, and/or all things pretty and crafty. Speakers are drawn from the design/lifestyle blogging community and have fantastic insights to share on everything from working with sponsors to building a community to finding balance in life. Needless to say, I came home with a lot to think about.

I’m not even sure where to start.

It was amazing and scary and inspiring and nerve-wracking and informative and I’m so glad I went!

I felt far out of my league. Many of the women who attend are women that I admire in the blogoshpere. Some I know in real life; most I admire from afar. I went by myself which was great in some ways (I had to meet people on my own) and a kind of scary and awkward in other ways (I had to meet people on my own). It was such an amazing event, though, that it didn’t matter. Everyone I met was so genuinely nice and friendly.

Another awesome thing about Alt is how well it is planned. A lot of care is taken in the planning and it shows. Every detail is beautiful (right down to the letterpress lunch menus!) because the people who organize and attend it appreciate beauty and want to share it. They are interested in building a supportive community and are happy to share the things they’ve learned. It was wonderful to feel that¬†camaraderie.

Alt SLC 2013 - Friday Morning

Image by Justin Hackworth

The days are filled with learning and networking. The keynote speakers this year were so creatively inspiring. That is something I especially loved. I’ve been in a slump lately and hearing the speakers talk about what inspires them made me want to take my creativity more seriously.

Alt SLC 2013 - Thursday Keynote

Image by Justin Hackworth

Alt SLC 2013 - Friday Keynote

Image by Justin Hackworth

The nights are left for parties. Thursday night we were all invited to dress up as a character from the game Clue. The ballroom was set up like the board game and it looked amazing. I went as Mr. Green and, over a little dinner, made friends with Morgan Fairchild (not the actress) as Professor Plum and Ashley Lemos as Colonel Mustard. We chatted the rest of the night and I’m so happy to have met them!

Alt SLC 2013 - Clue Photobooth

Image by Brooke Dennis

Friday night was a series of mini parties. Each sponsor chose a theme and threw their own party. As attendees we could wander from room to room, learning about the sponsors, doing little activities, and eating tasty food. I did a bit more mingling, going from room to room and still had such a fun time!

Blurb Class Reunion of 2013164

Image from the Blurb Photobooth

Saturday was more low-key and some attendees actually left in the morning to catch flights. I sat in on some workshops, some crafty, some more blog-related, and came home feeling energized and happy.

Alt SLC 2013 - Saturday

Image by Brooke Dennis

As an introvert, it was overwhelming and exhausting meeting people all day but I think it was worth the effort. People were so friendly and understanding and it really was a great experience.

And, thanks to phone calls to Em and my mom, I didn’t even have to put my head between my knees or breathe into a paper bag even once.

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  • I am so so so happy you went – and had a great time! Now – to schedule our goal-setting pow-wow.

  • Wildbound

    woohoo!!! Being a fellow introvert, I can really appreciate the “stepping out of the comfort zone” here. You are amazing. I’ll love hearing about it more in person…;)