Snuggled In

The older I get, the more I realize what  hermit I actually am. I’ve written before about being non-social and it takes a whole lot for me to work up the guts to go out to parties and fun events but once I do I always enjoy myself. Alt Summit was a big thing for me to work up the guts to go to but I’m so happy I did. I’m still sorting through photos and notes and will post about it soon, I promise.

Over the weekend we got a lot of snow and it has continued through today as well. After putting on my big girl panties and being brave enough to be social for 4 days at Alt, I feel like I deserve a little hermit time to recover. I can’t think of a better time to snuggle up and stay in than when big drifts of snow are forming outside. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have kids to take to school I’d just stay in the house wearing sweat pants all January. Snow is not fun to drive in, it takes a lot of work to get everyone and their boots, hats, coats, etc. out the door for anything, and I’d much rather enjoy the clean white snow from my window inside my warm house.

winter snuggles

I can only recall two days when school was cancelled due to snow and one of them was when I was in college. It takes a massive dump of snow all night long to make that happen in Utah. Sometimes I wish it happened more often so the kids and I could all snuggle up together, sip hot chocolate, and spend the day watching the snow pile high around the house without having to venture out into it.

Maybe one of these days I’ll declare a family snow day myself, just for fun.

What about you? Do you prefer snow from the indoors or are would you rather be out in it, maybe skiing or snowboarding?

7 comments to Snuggled In

  • Especially with half-day kindergarten, a snow day would be such a relief!

  • p.s. love this photo!

  • Deena

    Inside–despite the guilt I feel watching my girl (who loves to be outside) play by herself in the back garden.

  • Julie P

    Inside for sure! Right now I’m Siting in the car with my 6 yr old who didn’t want to sled while my husband has the other three on a hill. I’m perfectly content and thinking about the hot chocolate I’ll make when everyone is done.

  • rosie nyman

    I want to add my “kudos” to your performance in church last Sunday. You have always had a great singing voice but I must say that your voice has matured as you have gotten older–it is truly beautiful. I noticed that many eyes were moist as you gave your testimony thru song-it was wonderful! (Oh, and by the way–I love your hair!)

    • Rosie, Thank you! You are so nice to say so! I’m glad to know you felt the meaning and it touched you. It’s one of my favorite songs because of the feelings it expresses.

  • McKenna

    I just watched your eyelash curling video. It made me miss you :( and Liz :( and high school musical dressing rooms :) It was fun to see you in sort of real life though! And I love your haircut! You look like a tiny rock star 😉