I thought I’d keep my hair long for a few more years before going really short. I thought maybe I’d wait until my little sister got married so I could have a pretty updo at her wedding or something.

Then this fall and winter did me in. My hair always gets crazy static when the seasons change which makes leaving it down a terrible idea. If I do take a chance and leave it down it forms this wretched rats nest underneath. It’s horribly damaged, too. Add in my postpartum hair loss and the new little ones growing in their place, not to mention the endless parade of ponytails, knots, buns, and braids, and I was beyond ready for a big change.

short cut

Around Thanksgiving I talked it over with some friends. I decided to give it some time to see if it was really what I wanted to do or if I was just looking for a way to feel a sense of control over my life in the midst of chaos. The idea kept creeping into my thoughts over the next couple of weeks. Then, just before Christmas, I ran by a friends house to drop off a gift and found she had cut her long hair into a cute pixie. Seeing her cut gave me the itch even more.


short cut

I debated the pros and cons (the cost of regular upkeep, the ease of a wash and go style, etc.) and finally, after Christmas, I committed. I called a friend and made an appointment with her for after the new year.

short cut

The night before, I had ODD give me one last good hair-brushing because, really, who doesn’t love having their hair brushed? The next day I went in and showed my friend some pictures of what I had in mind and talked about some of the modifications. I’m not terribly picky and figured if I hated something about it I could just change it the next time. I ended up with a 13+ inch braid to donate to Locks of Love (about the same length I had last time) and, after taking it up a few more inches and doing some shaping, I came away with a fantastic cut! I love everything about it!


It was quite the drastic change but I was so ready for it and have not regretted it for a moment. The last time I had my hair this short was when I was 10 and it was quite unfortunate. Things have changed and I had faith it would work for me this time. It did and I couldn’t be happier. It has been oddly freeing.

short cut

ODD was a little hesitant but is smart enough to know he doesn’t really get a say in my hair, after all, he married me, not my hair. When I came home and showed him, though, he really liked it. He likes seeing my neck and has said he especially likes that the short ‘do doesn’t detract or overpower my face the way my long hair sometimes did. It was such a big change, though, he joked that he’d need to date me so he could get to know the new me.

I think it may be some time before I want to go long again. I like looking and feeling “put together” and my short cut makes all the difference in making that happen.

11 comments to Chopped

  • Tracy M

    And how utterly GORGEOUS you are!

  • You look really beautiful!

  • mom

    You are so beautiful! I love this haircut!

  • Lisa

    Wow! What a huge style change! I love how it turned out, and am envious of your bravery! I’m on the other end of the spectrum, after having short hair for the past 10 years, I’ve been trying to grow it out. The process is painful, but change is necessary.

    • Growing out is so hard! It always seem, though, just when I think it’s never going to be as long and pretty as I want, one day I look in the mirror and realize I have long hair. It sounds funny but it’s a surprise. And I agree, change is necessary sometimes and can feel so good when you’re ready.

  • Wildbound

    you know that line from the movie “Hook”, where one of the lost boys squishes Peter’s face back and says, “There you are, Peter!” That is the reaction I had when I first saw your new hair. There you are! It is really so YOU. Its intriguing how as we change and progress through life, we find the need to make our “outer environment” match our inner environment. WELL DONE. Love ya!

  • Ashley

    I love your hair short!! Was gonna tell you that earlier in person. Thanks again for giving my friend and I rides this week! :)

    • Thanks! I love your short hair, too. Super cute! And you are so welcome! It was great getting to know you and I was happy to not feel so alone at the Clue Party. The two of you were so nice to meet! I’m happy I sat by you!