24 Weeks

I’m roughly 24 weeks along now. I’m pleasantly surprised to find I’m not still spending my days nauseated. With Peanut I was still barfing regularly at this point and with Wingnut I was still mostly in non-functional. I actually got to enjoy a little time of feeling semi-human before getting uncomfortable this time around. Now I’m to the point of not being able to breathe when I bend over and I still need a nap most days but the nesting instinct has seriously struck and I find myself willing and mostly able to accomplish some things. Despite the urge to get things done I’ve still shied away from making any resolutions because I know the energy will come to an end before I know it and any long-term goals will be down the tubes with the delivery and subsequent upheaval of a new little guy. So my one and only goal for the year? Have this baby. It’s definitely reachable, don’t you think?

Pardon the bright lamp behind me.

24+ weeks

Since I’m not completely incapacitated anymore I’m trying, somewhat successfully, to ween my kids off endless TV again. While feeling like crap they pretty much have free reign while I wallow on the couch trying not to barf so they get plenty of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sesame Street, and Wild Kratts. They still beg for it but I’m more able to find things to occupy (read: distract) them now that I can remain vertical for longer periods of time. This morning I had to explain to Peanut that she only got to watch so much TV this fall because I was feeling like utter garbage but now that I’m feeling better that doesn’t fly anymore. She was rather disappointed and asked in a hopeful voice a few times throughout the day if I was feeling icky yet.

The kids are really giving me a run for my money lately. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me because I’m overflowing with wacky hormones but ODD assures me he’s been feeling the same way so it’s definitely our kids. I don’t know if they can tell things are going to change soon with the baby or what but lately Peanut and Wingnut cannot stop pestering each other. They know one another’s buttons and constantly push them. I may as well not say a word for all the good it does. Both of them seems to have their ears painted on yet I persevere. This can’t last forever if I consistently work with them on it, right? RIGHT!? The last couple of days I’ve been doing a marble jar with Peanut and that seems to be helping, though today we had an I-don’t-care-what-you-say kind of day where she started with 10 marbles and was down to 5 by dinner. I’m hoping tomorrow goes a bit better. Speaking of getting better, I’m about to have a Dr. Pepper and veg with ODD. I’m pretty sure that will help me feel better.

9 comments to 24 Weeks

  • Holy cow! You are HUGE! In a completely adorable way, of course. :)

  • Linda Hicks

    They sound like typical siblings, Annie! “Ah, yes! I remember it well.” I so appreciate your wonderful honesty – I know it resonates with so MANY of us. Love you.

  • aubrey

    You look darling in your blue shirt and matching headband! I thinks its the moon..my kids are being crazy latel too!

  • Wildbound

    yes, you look awesome, and I love to hear about your mom-stuff and crazy kids. It jogs my memory of those days long ago…(can you tell I feel old?) I wonder if my kids are too old to do a marble jar…because they’ve really been in a groove of pestering each other lately…but boy, do they love frozen yogurt at Maceys! ;)

  • You look FABulous! Wow!

    I’m blaming WINTER on my kids behavior and attitude right now. Come spring, I’ll have to come up with something else.

  • Em

    Thank you for having insane kids so that I don’t feel so lonely.

    And I am really elated for you that you get a spell of feeling human. I haven’t managed that within a pregnancy yet. My odds aren’t looking good. And if we can get our private insurance straightened out, it’ll be time to stare that one down the barrel soon. I cry when I think about it.

  • Tia

    You look so great! I’m glad you are feeling more human again. That just takes everything out of you. My kids seem to have some random days of endless TV, and I’m not trying to grow a human or anything. Hopefully the kids will get along better, but don’t hold your breath :)

  • You are not nearly large enough. I think I need to bring you brownies. These will be the good kind of brownies that you hide from the kids and they don’t get any. That will show them!

  • First off, you are one super cute pregnant lady. You look lovely! And hooray for being able to remain vertical more and more these days! As for your goal this year… having a baby is definitely doable. :) Great plan!