Back to School

My friend Camilla (the same Camilla who took gorgeous pics of my chillens) contributes to a craft blog.  She asked me if I would make a little tag to attach to a teacher gift for back-to-school time that she could post about.  I thought it would be fun so I made something up.  It can be attached to a little chocolate treat like a bag of kisses or a candybar or whatever.  Since I didn’t happen to have anything like that handy (what can I say, that kind of stuff doesn’t last long around here) I used some red and white twine to tie mine to a jar of Nutella.  I know, my craft blogging skills are astounding, but really, who doesn’t love Nutella?

Teacher gift tag

Anyway, here’s the fun bit.  I have made this little tag printable and FREE! to you for your back-to-school needs!

It prints 6 tags with crop marks for easy cutting.  Please be a cuter crafter than me and mount the cut out tag on a red or green piece of cardstock that’s cut just a tad bigger.  It really will be cuter that way.  Enjoy!

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