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I have quite a few things to write about but just haven’t because I’ve been busy with singing and my Illustrator classes.  Since I won first place in my division for Musical Theatre at the NATS competition in March I was invited to sing at the regional luncheon last Saturday.  It went well and my teacher told me she’s heard good things about my performance (she was at a classical singers convention in CA at the time so she couldn’t be there).

My Illustrator classes have been so fun and kept me busy.  The second class ended today and I didn’t get a chance to post my homework from last week so here’s two weeks and 1.5 classes worth of homework.

One of my assignments for my pretty papers class was an invitation.  Peanut happens to want a unicorn birthday party this year and it’s coming up so I made one for the class that I can print and send out when the time comes.  I made the unicorns in one document in case I wanted to use them for thank you’s or some thing else, then pulled them into the invitation.  Alma (isn’t her baby announcement the cutest ever?) made an mock invitation with a banner hanging between two trees but I thought it would be cute between unicorn horns.  Obviously the name and number has been changed but I’m happy with the way it turned out and even Peanut is pleased.

That was really the only one I did for the paper products class the last week.  Instead I spent most of my time working on the homework for my first week of patterns which overlapped with my last week of papers.  To learn the concept I used illustrations Alma included for the classes but for my homework I had to first make the illustrations I wanted to use in my patterns, then turn them into a tile that could then be used as a repeating pattern.

I made this one with Wingnut in mind.  He loves cars and trucks.

For my next random pattern I made some rain boots and umbrellas.

The next week was geometric patterns and damasks.  The first thing I wanted to do was fix the background on my blog.  It drove me crazy to have obvious line where the picture didn’t match up.  Once I learned how to do it it didn’t take long to change up and now I can scroll all I want without having any ugly break.  Go ahead!  Give it a try!  Just looking at it makes me happy.  I also made a honeycomb but forgot to upload it.  Don’t worry.  It’s not terribly pretty or exciting but it did work into a lovely repeating pattern.

My next pattern was a geometric.  I’d drawn it out on paper months and months ago and attempted it on my own but just couldn’t get it to work until I took Alma’s class.  Now I’m really happy with it.

Lastly I learned how to make a damask.  I used some elements from traditional Chinese illustrations and mixed them together to make a pretty damask pattern.  I’m in love with it.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about the things I’ve learned?  It’s been such a fun thing to do.  If you’re interested I’d highly recommend taking a class.

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