We Are Family

While living in California we only saw our families a couple of times a year and that was hard because we’re close to our families. We love them and want to see them more often. That’s one of the reasons we decided to do our fourth year of school here; so we could be closer to family.

Can I just tell you? It has been wonderful!

It seems like we’ve seen more family in the last three weeks than we saw the whole time we were in Oakland. I know that’s probably an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like, and I’m loving it. My Aunt C and Uncle R and their family and their two daughters and their families all live within a mile or two and we have been playing (hence the lack of blogging lately – sorry).

We had dinner with them a few Sundays ago and my two girl cousins both have daughters Peanut’s age so we’ve been getting them together to play. Here’s a little of what we’ve been doing.

We went to Wheeler Farm, looked at all the animals, and had a snack.

geese at Wheeler farm

Notice Peanut’s “pack-pack” which she absolutely loves. It makes her like Dora, don’t you know. She even sings the song.

K with geese at wheeler farm

Snacks at Wheeler Farm

We went to Aunt C’s house and had a water day. The little girls ran through the sprinklers and we all ate lunch outside. Then we went inside and all made a heap of enchiladas together so we could each take a pan home for dinner that night. Now that is the way to cook.


Swimming with cousins 9


Swimming with cousins 2


Swimming with cousins


Swimming with cousins 11

B and O

Swimming with cousins 12

K and Peanut

Swimming with cousins 5

Cousin A and I have also been running errands together and we also went swimming in the pool at her apartment. Peanut freaked a bit cuz she’s never been in a real pool before, but Cousin A’s daughter B is a total water baby and we all had a good time cooling off. Sorry no pics of these fun things.

I love being so close to these fun girls now! They are so nice and I think our girls have fun together, too. I’m so lucky!

We also live semi-close to a lot of NYDD’s family now, too. A while ago we went to his sister’s house for a picnic with some of his brothers and sisters. Peanut loved playing with her cousins and it was fun catching up with everyone. We had such a good time and hope we can do it again soon.

dripping juice

juicy watermelon

10 comments to We Are Family

  • Ha ha… love the half nikked watermelon eating pics! So cute. I’m glad you are around your family again.

  • Oh I am jealous! It would be wonderful to live next to family and have that support! I am very happy for you guys! And I am jealous about you being able to meet Pres Monson. I am glad you snapped pictures and posted this, isn’t it wonderful to have a living prophet!

  • How sweet is Peanut’s backpack? And might I add that I’m quite jealous that FIRST: I don’t live closer so I can tag along and SECOND: That I don’t have a little girl actually making it possible to tag along. Also-the picture with Peanut wearing the swim goggles is absolutely hilarious to me for some reason. Possibly because she’s not wet.

  • @ Aliese,
    They make me laugh, too. Actually they’re these funny kid sunglasses from Target. They totally remind me of swim goggles, though, and she doesn’t keep them on like that very long unless she’s in direct sunlight. Usually she wears them more like a headband like in the watermelon pics. Also, I wish you lived closer and could play with us, too. I think we need to make a little trip down south. :)

  • teeny

    ha ha! ya, that one where she’s with K and she has the sunglasses on is sooooo funny! mom and i laughed at that one forever!

  • It’s already been mentioned, but that picture of her sitting and chatting with her shades on is awesome!

  • That just looks amazing! We finally have a sunny day here and I’m going to take advantage of it!

  • I feel as though you should make a trip too! Even if NYDD can’t make it. We could go shopping, take Peanut swimming in REAL HEAT, play at the sand dunes…It could be great.

  • HSF – i am so jealous that you have so much family so close now – ENJOY it! Family is what it is all about! We miss you guys. Izzie asks to play with Peanut all the time still – it’s cute.

  • Must be nice having so much family around. :o) You seem to be enjoying ever moment!! I’m really excited for you guys. Peanut looks adorable!! ha ha I love the watermelon and goggle pictures.