Poor Mom

So my mom called me last night while I was running errands.  I talked to her on Sunday night for a minute but we didn’t spend long on the phone cuz she was almost ready for bed so I’d expected a call from her yesterday afternoon for more talking.  It didn’t come until last night and I found out why.

She fell off a chair at school and hurt her hip.

Kinda funny, I know.  I laughed, too.

She’s the morning kindergarten teacher at a private preschool.  She was standing on a chair – one of the little kid ones that’s, like, a foot off the floor – hanging something on the wall or something, and somehow fell off the chair!  She said one of her little kids asked if she was okay and she said “I don’t think so.”  Another kid asked if they should get another teacher and my mom told her yes so the other teacher came in and asked if my mom needed an ambulance.  She didn’t, but she did lie on the floor for a little while and couldn’t really walk when she finally got up.  After attempting to move around with some crutches a friend dropped off, she finally called my dad (the kids told him “She was standing on a chair which is a ‘no no’ at school and fell off of it,”) and they went to the hospital.  They actually put in an I.V. just in case they had to do surgery!  All she could think was, “My hip is broken and I won’t be able to go to California [to visit me] next week.”  :)  Thankfully her hip wasn’t broken and she didn’t need surgery  She’s now at home and on drugs.  Ugh!  She sounds miserable.  She told me from her knee to her hip is hugely swollen and she has the biggest bruise she’s ever seen.  My dad took a picture and sent it to me last night.  It looks so painful!  She’s probably going to kill me for posting it, but I decided I’d ask forgiveness instead of permission and just go for it.

Mom's Injured Thigh

Sorry mom.  I hope you get better soon and can still visit me next week, even if you want to kill me for sharing your upper leg with the internet.  Happy drugged dreams!  ((hugs))

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  • Tia

    I really like that your tag says swear words, that makes me laugh. Ouch for your mom!! I always wondered why they told us not to stand on our chairs. I guess there really was a reason.

  • em

    Wow, ouch! That is a massive bruise. Tell your mom it’s okay. We can’t even think about her thigh for our amazement at that bruise! Glad it wasn’t broken, hope she has a fun visit.

  • Oh my goodness that looks so painful. Sending good thoughts your mom’s way and hoping that she will heal quickly so that she can have a good CA visit!

    I also love the saying that is better to ask forgiveness than permission. That is my dad’s favorite saying too!

  • Oh poor mama. I’m glad that she didn’t need surgery! Grandmas can’t have injuries that interfere with seeing their babies.

  • Mom

    You’re forgiven. Oddly, I’ve seen even gruesomer things on the internet! Good thing Dad got a close up and not some bad-angle shot! lol, but not rofl because that would hurt too much! :(

  • It hurts to look at that photo! Poor mom!

  • Mom

    oh, and btw, that’s my tiny little hairyshoefairy-size thigh. It only looks huge because it’s such a super-closeup…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

  • Your poor mom!!! That looks so dreadful. I hope it heals quickly and that she can make it out to California. Your mom is very sweet to forgive you. :o) haha!

  • Oh my. That is one gnarly looking owie. But hey, she’s getting some drugs and sick time out of it – at least there’s that!

    Thanks for your sweet comment today. Things have been much better this week!!

  • Holy crap! That’s insane! I hope you feel better soon, HSF Mama!

  • Katie

    OWWW! Your poor mom! That looks incredibly painful! Hope that it heals fast so that she can still visit you!

  • EWWWW! NOW THAT ‘S A BIG OWWWEE! YOur poor mom! How high was the chair she was standing on? Hope she feels better!

  • OUCH! That looks painful. I also hope your mom forgives you for sharing her leg with the internet! Just kidding!

  • OUCH! It hurts to just look at that picture. Poor HSF mom….get well soon!

  • teeny

    yay! 5 days ’til we are on our way to visit! :) 5 days!!!!!!!!

  • teeny

    p.s. mom’s leg is getting yuckier and yuckier by the day. that picture doesn’t even do justice anymore!

  • Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark. Hope she gets better soon.

  • aubrey

    oh my gosh. all THAT from falling off of a chair. that is horrible and i feel so sorry for your poor mom! i hope she recovers quickly!

  • Goodness. That looks painful. I hope mom is feeling better now.