Peanut’s Bag of Crap + I Bought It!

The Easter coat I mean.  I thought about it all weekend and finally went back for it this morning.  I’m really happy I did.  I really, really love it.  Isn’t it pretty?

Easter coat

Easter coat buttoned

I love the fabric.  I love the color.  I love the seaming.  I love that the button holes are on a diagonal.  I love that it’s double breasted.  I love the length.  Pretty much I love everything about it.  There’s also this darling button in the back, but I didn’t take any pictures of it.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE this coat?


Peanut got a spring package from my mom this afternoon.  She made Peanut a dress and a purse out of ladybug fabric and they are so cute.  Peanut loves them both.

Ladybug dress from Grandma

Which brings me to Peanut’s purse.  She loves carrying things around in her little shopping cart and wagon and is always playing with my purse.  Now that she has a real little purse of her very own (which she’s absolutely thrilled about) I thought I’d do “Bags of Crap” Peanut version.

This is Peanut’s new purse.  She’s owned it for 4 hours.  My mom made it for her.  I love the cute ladybug button closure.  I don’t think Peanut even knows it’s there.

Peanut's purse

This is what has found it’s way inside over the last 4 hours.

Inside Peanut's purse

  • A binkie – Very, very important to her.  Apparently she’s been hiding them lately so when we take one away she can go get another one.
  • An empty, blue Easter egg – One of her new favorite toys.
  • A Tractograph – Some medical item pilfered from NYDD’s clinic bag.  I think it’s used to measure joint flexibility (?).  She takes it quite frequently.

Thanks for the spring fun, mom!

19 comments to Peanut’s Bag of Crap + I Bought It!

  • WildBound

    Okay. I loveLOVElove hearing/seeing Peanut and her antics. I love hearing about what she’s hiding and where. I love that she carries things (important things) around. For some reason, I find it funnny and fascinating. Love. And superCUTE coat. Love.

  • @ WB,
    Soon you’ll get to see how silly she is in real life!! Yay! I can’t wait to see your kids, too. They’re so big I can hardly believe it. And I can’t wait to visit with you again in person and play some fun games.

  • Oh, I am loving your new coat! Good choice on going back to purchase it.

  • That coat is adorable. And it looks so great on you!

    I love Peanut’s collection.

  • em

    Fabulous coat – perfect color for you. I’m excited to notice you wearing it in future photos. And the purse thing is too funny. I won’t tell you how much Sir O loves to tote around my purse, along with his empty milk cartons. (And he fills the milk cartons with any random thing he can fit in them…..)

  • The coat is perfect! It will make your blue eyes even more vibrant!

    The ladybug ensemble is too cute for words. Your mom did a wonderful job!

    Wildman stashes the most random stuff into his backpacks and pockets… I completely understand Peanut’s obsession with pack-ratting. Some days we can’t leave home without the plastic snake, stuffed giraffe and faux pirate doubloon.

  • The coat was definitely a fantastic purchase. I’m a bit jealous.

  • i love your new coat! and what a cute, cute dress that your mama made for peanut. and thanks for showing us what’s in her purse…how sweet!

  • teeny

    wow…pretty much i love that you buy cute clothes and i love that we can wear the same clothes and i love that you are moving to utah very soon and i love that peanut is so dang cute! ok, i’m done :)

  • Oh, that coat fits like a dream!

    And? Your mom and her sewing skills are freaking awesome!

  • that is a beautiful new coat, looks nice and warm but not oversized (which is hard to find for coats!), Peanuts little bag and dress are so cute! No wonder where you get your sewing abilities. :)

  • Your coat is so cute! I LOVE Peanut’s dress! The purse is SO CUTE also! You are your mom are so very talented!:)

  • I think that carrying everything you could possibly need in your purse is in the female DNA! Such a cute purse. Love the coat. Slightly jealous. ;o)

  • Love the coat on you! Blue is your color! Okay! I am so amazed at the talent you and your mom have for sewing things! Once I get my hands on our sewing machine(it’s still sitting in some store waiting for me to purchase it)..I am gonna have to use some of your fabulous ideas for patterns! YOur Mom did a fabulous job on Peanuts dress and bag! WAY CUTE!!!!

  • Love the coat, so fun! And how darling is that purse. Little girls are so much fun, so are boys but their fun is jumping, running and total chaos. We need to do something when we come out for graduation!

  • I love that coat. Where did you get it? It really is cute. How fun for Peanut to have a purse. We were at the store a couple weeks ago and Kya saw a purse that she just kept touching and looking at with this look of interest. I told her to hang it back up. She did but just stood next to it for several minutes. I did it…I had to buy it for her. Then she carried it around all day. So funny. Cute dress too, your mom did a great job.

  • That coat is gorgeous! I am in love with it!!!

    Peanut’d dress and purse are darling. I love what is inside the most! How cute is she!!!

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  • […] love the way it turned out.  Peanut’s favorite dress is her green ladybug dress that my mom made her ages ago and it is getting way too small so I decided to do a similar pattern […]